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The Vincent Boys  - Abbi Glines THE COVER I love the colors, even that green which I usually hate. My only problem with this cover is that I don't see any connection to the story.THE STORYThe storyline's kind of cliche, actually, but I just have a thing for bad boys as main characters. The pacing was okay, too. I don't find Glines' books spectacular or anything, but I can't stop myself from reading them because they're stories I want to read. I guess the story does beat out the writing.THE CHARACTERSIt's really a struggle to read a book when you dislike the main character so much, and, man, did I hate Ashton with a burning passion. She should've broken up with Sawyer a long time ago. Heck, she shouldn't even have gotten into a relationship with him. And she had the nerves to hate him when he didn't save her from the bullying? Wow.The only characters I liked were the Vincent boys - I don't know whom I loved more! - and Ashton's cousin.MY FAVORITE PART was the ending. Nicely done.