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Through the Ever Night  - Veronica Rossi (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)At the time of this writing, it's been a little more than an hour since I finished reading this book, and the only right way I can think of to start this review is by saying Why did I let this sit in my TBR pile?!Under the Never Sky ended with Aria and Perry reuniting, but in the first book, it was brief. Through the Ever Night starts with that same scene, but longer and more emotional, and I had to stop myself from rush-reading to the part where they crash into each other's arms. Okay, enough of me. So Perry brought Aria home to the Tides, but as they'd both expected, she wasn't welcomed. But they kept on trying until they realized that, yet again, they had to go on separate paths to do what they had to do. I sure hope that last part wasn't spoiler-y.I loved seeing how much Aria had grown during her time away from Perry. She's stronger—both physically and emotionally—and wiser, which helped her in dealing with the Tides and other Outsiders. Perry, on the other hand, surprised me because in the first book, he'd been the fierce and mighty one. Here in the second book, we got to see past his strong facade as he led his uncertain tribe.With a wider array of characters, there was also a whole lot of created and rekindled relationships. It was fun to see them all because these relationships were, for me, the heart of this story. We saw deeper into what these characters were made of especially when they're up against something worse than each other: Aether.As was the first book, Through the Ever Night was a harsh story set in a harsher setting, but lightened up with romance and friendship. There was so much internal and external dilemma for every character, and those were expertly woven together by Rossi's beautiful writing. And I don't know how I missed it before, but I really love how this series combines futuristic with primitive. MY FAVORITE PART was right before the Marking ceremony.