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Unravel Me  - Tahereh Mafi (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)Oh, Unravel Me. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.Just kidding. I can't. There are too many.As a sequel should, Unravel Me kept and expounded the positives of its predecessor, and left the negatives. The writing was still beautiful and lyrical, but it flowed more smoothly—or maybe that's because I'm used to it now. It was also more emotional than the first because Juliette now had more experience in that department. I really felt all of her ups and downs.Although Juliette disappointed me by pulling an Edward-Cullen-in-New-Moon, I liked her for the most part. Same goes for the other characters. Adam was being too much of a drama queen, but I understood his reasons for acting like that. But Warner? Well, my Warner was his usual flawless self, of course. Like he'd ever be otherwise.The immediate tension made me fail in my plan to read this slowly and absorb the words. That tension was kept consistent all throughout, but it didn't exhaust me, and that's thanks to the reprieves brought by kissing romance and friendship. And since I'm on the subject of lightness, I think Kenji deserves to be mentioned. Seriously. That dude cracks me up. (Tahereh, please stop messing him up.)With heart-pumping action, jaw-dropping revelations, and totally unforeseen twists, this climax of a book had me glued until that dreaded last page. That final scene has me dying for more, especially since (I hope this isn't too spoiler-y) Juliette declared that she was done being nice. I don't know what this says about me, but I've always wanted to see her the way Warner did: wild and dangerous. Also, I can't wait to know for sure who she'll end up with because both choices are equally possible.MY FAVORITE PART WAS CHAPTER SIXTY-FREAKING-TWO. Dude. Dude. My. Heart. Cannot. Handle. Warner. Like. That. I want this up. I want these down.What the fark, Warner. You can't just say things like that! Are you trying to kill me, you glorious bastard?!