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Visited - Janine Caldwell (View this review on My Library in the Making.)Honestly, I expected Visited to be as sci-fi as the other YA alien books I've read like JLA's Lux series and Melissa West's The Taking trilogy, but it didn't go down that road. The "alien" and "living the dream life" shenanigans were interesting but the book gave more focus on the characters, and my investment in them was what kept me reading.The main character, Joanna, was nothing if not relatable. Or maybe that's just me identifying with her—selfish, solitary, awkward, insecure, and a wee bit spoiled. If I were her, I'd have reacted the exact same way she did when she deduced that James was an alien. Indeed, two of the very few things we didn't have in common were her height advantage and a guy BFF.I've said this a few times before, but I'm seriously loving books on alternate realities/parallel universes right now. Seeing the what-ifs get answered is fascinating; add to that a gorgeous alien and I was just hooked. James' true identity was revealed early on in the story but his mission wasn't, giving this book some kind of a thriller vibe.Addictive, romantic, and a real eye-opener, Visited was made even more unique with a plot twist from nowhere near the end. The writing was uncomplicated yet beautiful, but at times it had more breaks than I'd have liked. But ultimately, I loved this book for two reasons: the realistic open ending regarding the romance (I swear this isn't a spoiler), and the important lesson of "Appreciate what you have."MY FAVORITE PART was Joanna's second fall-off-the-roof moment :3