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Hush, Hush  - Becca Fitzpatrick (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making)I first heard of Hush, Hush back in 2009, I think. A friend uploaded a photo of her copy and I just fell in love with the cover. I mean, look at it; it's perfect! Anyway, I only got to read it around October or November of last year, and as my first YA book, to say that it's memorable is an understatement.Hush, Hush introduced me to my first literary crush, Patch Cipriano - my first, and still immovable from the top five. If the phrase "tall, dark, and handsome" was to be put in the dictionary, his photo would be right next to it. Also, epic won't even begin to describe his witty remarks. If he doesn't get to you, you're either a rotting cabbage or a brick wall. (I'm kidding, of course. I understand that not every girl likes a bad boy.)Okay, now that I've gotten the thing I loved most in Hush, Hush out of the way, I'll get to what I didn't like. There's Nora, because she came across as the smart, composed girl, but when it came to Vee, her irritatingly desperate best friend, she was a plain pushover - and do I hate pushovers. My dislike for Vee is a given, of course.You might be wondering; no, I totally understand Nora's undoing when it comes to Patch. I would've felt the same if I were her.Because I'm writing this review after having read this book thrice in a year, the ending wasn't a surprise to me anymore, but I devoured it like I did before. Becca Fitzpatrick perfectly balanced mystery, suspense, and romance so it's no surprise how well Hush, Hush has done in the market. I'll also re-read and review Crescendo and Silence before I pick up Finale which will come out on the 23rd!MY FAVORITE PART was the motel scene. Oh, Nora, how I envy you.