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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern THE COVEROne of the best things about this book is its cover. Even the covers of the other editions are magnificent, that's why I want to own all of them. In time, in time.THE STORYThe blurb was quite misleading, actually. I expected a fierce duel, as in hurling fire balls or conjuring wild animals to attack each other, but that wasn't what I got. This might get spoiler-y if I say more, so I'll leave it at that.Also, the pace was slower than I would've liked. It took so long to set up the said competition. A hundred pages before the last, I was like "where is the freaking climax?!". Yep.That said, the ending was beautiful. Tragic, yes, but beautiful. And realistic - though this story is far from reality. Think Mockingjay-kind of ending, but a bit happier. And Morgenstern's writing was like the dreamy atmosphere of Le Cirque des Reves turned to words. THE CHARACTERSOh my Lord. The main characters were really good. Celia was a confident, prideful - but far from arrogant - young woman. Her father, Hector Bowen, was the opposite, so I'm glad she knew what and what not to learn from him.And Marco. Oh, Marco. Swoon-worthy, charming, though quite naive. But I loved him. I still do.I didn't like the insta-love. One minute they're strangers, the next they're flirting? But to say that I hated it would be lying. I was too busy trying to slow down my heart rate to be irked.The other characters were well-developed, too. They even provided a number of surprises. MY FAVORITE PARTS were when Celia finally discovered that Marco's her opponent, and their first kiss.