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Persistence of Vision - Liesel K. Hill Actual rating: 3.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi novels. Give me lengthy descriptions and I'll get bored; don't explain anything at all and I'll be left confused and irritated. Thankfully, Persistence of Vision ended up becoming one of the few sci-fi novels that I thoroughly enjoyed.The story had been quite slow to take off, but once it did, I simply couldn't stop reading. I was thrust into a world of time travelers and prophecies and underground - literally - movements that made this book really exciting. I pitied the main character, Maggie, because even though she knew little about the truth, she was being attacked by assassins with weird tattoos on their faces. Lucky for her, she had a savior in Marcus.Aside from Maggie, I loved all the other characters in here. Each one of them had their own colorful stories to tell, making them relatable and feel like real people. They all had their own personal tragedies thanks to the collectives who were trying to pursue them, but it was in those tragedies where they drew strength to keep their humanity. They were all truly admirable.The research made to support the plot was obviously extensive. The science was amazing. I know most of it to be true in real life, and the others I'm not sure about don't seem so far-fetched, either, adding to the haunting factor of this book. This book not only taught me new things, but also reminded me of the stuff I'd already learned. Reading it was like sitting through my Science classes from before, which I really enjoyed.Persistence of Vision was a joy to read. It had all the elements that I love in a story: adventure, action, romance, and high stakes, and already I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.MY FAVORITE PART was when Maggie was re-learning her forgotten relationships.