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Bound to the Prince - Deborah Court Actual rating: 3.5 starsTHE COVERMy only problem with this cover is the model; I'm not a big fan of muscly guys. But all in all, it's really gorgeous and classy.THE STORYThis is another "abducted girl" story so some female readers might not like it, but I think Elathan actually saved Igraine from her terrible life. I don't know if it's because it's an ebook (and I just can't stare at a screen for too long), but I felt like this was an overwhelmingly long read. I read it for almost a month. The pacing was good, the steamy scenes were written well, and the world-building was fantastic. Bound to the Prince is actually an erotica, but it's so good that I believe if the author cut out those scenes, this would still be an extraordinary book. The adventure and fantasy world alone was a story in itself.THE CHARACTERSI really pitied Igraine in the beginning of this book. Her king of douchebags fiance just left her, she had no family, and she had even sacrificed her education for the love she thought she'd had. Her hopelessness struck me straight from the pages. So I really loved it when she became stronger - physically and emotionally - during the training that Elathan gave her so she'd be ready for... him.Elathan was this super cool, ultra bad-ass elven prince with a sad past. At first, he only thought of Igraine as a slave, but we could all guess where the story went. MY FAVORITE PART was the ending. I read it during a programming lab class (sneakily, of course), and it was so gripping, I didn't realize my professor called on me until my seatmate kicked my chair, lol.