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Screaming in the Silence - Lydia Kelly THE COVERI'm not a big fan of this cover, but I think it really embodies the story, with the crying girl - who is, obviously, Raleigh - and the lake which is quite a big part of the main characters' relationship.THE STORYThis is the first "girl gets kidnapped" book that I've ever read, so I was really curious when I began reading it. The pacing was really good; I just couldn't stop reading. And it took an unexpected twist towards the conclusion, and that ending has permanently taken a piece of my heart.THE CHARACTERSThe story started off with Raleigh running away from a life she didn't want to live. It's good that her kidnapping changed her for the better, gave her the courage to voice out what she really wanted.A surprise came in the form of my love for Kaden; he's one of the kidnappers, for heaven's sake! But how could I not? He's a French-to-English manuscript translator, and in the book - if my memory serves me right - he's working on Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Raleigh asked him why he's translating it when it's already been translated, but unfortunately, since I read this book last March, I can't remember his answer. My apologies. I just have a thing for broken, complicated characters. MY FAVORITE PART was the last scene with Raleigh. So much hope. In my head, I love continuing the story from there.