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Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) - Jamie McGuire Actual rating: 3.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)When I was halfway through Beautiful Disaster, I started reading reviews for Walking Disaster. Most of those reviews expressed disappointment so before I dived into this, I lowered my expectations even though I was truly enjoying the first book. Thank God for those lowered expectations because from the get-go, I found the story to be rushed and the writing choppy, and I'm pretty sure it didn't confuse me only because I read it right after Beautiful Disaster. The chronology was sometimes vague, jumping too far forward without enough explanation, unlike in the first book where Abby's every move was stated.Being in Travis' head was both fun and offending. I loved seeing firsthand his erratic behavior and sweet gestures, however crazy they were. But I didn't like how disrespectful he thought of the girls he'd slept with, and how he saw Abby as a conquest at first. Also, I couldn't put my finger on it in Beautiful Disaster, but now, being in Travis' head, it was disturbing to know that his need to be with Abby was greater than her safety, i.e. he wanted her to be present in his underground fights even though it had already put her in danger.I also had a problem with how Abby's character seemed so one-dimensional, although I'm pretty sure that's not how Travis viewed her, and that added to how this much-awaited sequel became a letdown. That said, I still had fun reading it, but I would advise everyone not to expect Walking Disaster to exceed its predecessor.MY FAVORITE PART was the ending, which gave me what I craved for when I finished Beautiful Disaster.