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Stripped - Brooklyn Skye (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)Stripped turned out to be a very nice surprise for me; I went into it expecting a heavy read, so I'm glad to find out that it's actually just very emotional. It was a bit slow at first, but that worked out entirely fine in getting to know each of the colorful characters.The star of the show, Quinn Montgomery, was introduced into the story in an off-putting manner, with her vulgar words and repulsion to anything related to love, the way she acted like a spoiled, bratty princess to her parents, and how she was dating a boy just as unappealing as her to avoid falling in love for real. But I soon learned that her sister's suicide wasn't the sole reason for all of that. This reminded me that every person has more than one story to tell, and even after we hear the last one that they have, we still don't have the right to judge them. Anyway, despite her all-around rudeness, Quinn was strong and determined, always going after what she wanted, and she knew when to apologize.And what Quinn wanted the most was Torrin. Honest and kind, he tried with all his might to break down Quinn's defenses so she would let him in, but what I liked about him was how he stood up to her and how he didn't chase after her like a lovesick puppy for the entirety of the book. He let her know how he felt, and when she still chose to clam up in her shell, he respected her decision and let her live with it. Now that's not something I see often in the books I read. Soon enough, though, Quinn finally gave in, and their romance was both sweet and steamy.Three big reveals were made in the last quarter or so of the book, and while I'd correctly guessed one of them, the other two were quite shocking. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of the choppy writing, but it did give life to Quinn. I felt each of her emotions in this roller coaster ride of a story, and I certainly wouldn't want to be in her shoes—except in the ending, maybe, which was satisfyingly happy. Stripped is a short read, perfect for a plane ride or a day-off, and the length actually made it easier for me to connect with the characters. Kudos to Skye for knowing how to keep her readers reading.MY FAVORITE PART was when Quinn took the first step towards being with Torrin.