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The Finding - Nicky Charles THE COVERI actually like this cover! The red sky and that big, fluffy dog (that's not a wolf, is it?) does it for me.THE STORYIt's Bryan's turn. And wow, did he get the best female out there, haha!The Finding starts with a lot of action, slows down too much for my liking in the middle - probably why I read this for almost a month - then picks up again for the amazing ending. THE CHARACTERSFor the most part, I disliked Cassie. She was - there's no other way to put it - stupid and impulsive. I admired Bryan for putting up with her. And I loved how the main characters from the two previous books came together in this one's ending.MY FAVORITE PARTS were the Kane and Ryne brotherly banters that never failed to have me grinning like crazy.