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Taste - Kate Evangelista Actual rating: 4.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)When I get curious about something, the saying "curiosity killed the cat" always pops into my head for some reason. But curiosity is a hunger that will demand to be sated until it is, and like what happens to me almost always, it leads to a fascinating discovery for the heroine in Taste, Phoenix.At first, Phoenix seemed like a girl who didn't care about anything. She didn't know it, but I felt like she lived her days like she was without purpose—until she broke curfew, of course. That event kicked off the story and truly plunged Phoenix into the world of breathtakingly beautiful flesh eaters. She made a brave and selfless decision right at the start and gave her best to go through with everything that came with that decision, and I really admired her for that.But Phoenix couldn't have guessed that getting her heart ripped in half by two very different but equally, um, pleasing-to-the-eye males would come with that decision. First was Demitri, Phoenix's constant savior who preferred to keep the truths about him hidden. Because of something—I'd never guessed this part, so I'll keep it that way for you all—his effort to avoid her became useless, and with Phoenix more than attracted to him, a hot romance ensued right off the bat. Insta-love came to mind, but I soon understood that it was far from that.Which was much to the dismay of Luka, the third side of the triangle. So unlike Demitri, he answered as much of Phoenix's questions as he could. He was naughty and nice, but like our first guy, he had his own secrets and the most share of emotional baggage. And as was the case with love triangles in other books, I loved Luka more than our protagonist's chosen guy. Phoenix can keep her hands on Demitri, though, because Luka's mine *evil laugh*.Although Phoenix's dive into these guys' world changed her for the better, it showed her true self in the process. Her attitude was often inconsistent: headstrong and bad-ass one minute, nothing but lovesick the next. That irritated me more than her bouts of acting like a spoiled kid that always put her—and worse, those around her—in undesirable situations.But aside from my few problems with Phoenix, I had no other complaints throughout this book. Kate wrote a wonderful and creative world of flesh eaters, spun it with so much action and high stakes, and balanced everything with the right amount of butterfly-inducing romance that the ending brought me to tears, but you'd have to read Taste to find out if they were happy tears or not.MY FAVORITE PART was the catfight. It was childish of Phoenix to start it, but it was really entertaining, lol.