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Temptation (Harlequin Teen) - Karen Ann Hopkins Actual rating: 4.5(View this review on My Library in the Making.)The story of the star-crossed lovers has never failed to fascinate me. What hurdles are standing between them? Will they end up together? These questions propel me to keep reading, and my eyes were certainly glued to Temptation.The immediate attraction between Rose and Noah was really cute. Some might see it as insta-love, but these characters were smart enough to avoid just that. But with every stolen glance and touch, the feeling of foreboding increased. Them being together forever seemed impossible, but their circumstance just made me root for them all the more.Learning about the ways of the Amish is an inevitability with this book, what with that being the biggest obstacle between Rose and Noah, and I now know enough to be able to say that I would never want to be one. Sure, it's nice to live simply and unwind every once in a while, but to completely rebuke technology forever? Never happening for this city girl.Even with their lack of experience in relationships, I certainly appreciated how Rose and Noah were both smart and mature, knowing just what they'd be giving up by being together. On one hand, if Rose decided to become Amish, she'd have to leave behind the comfortable life she'd been accustomed to. On the other, if Noah were to turn his back on the Amish ways, he'd have nowhere to go, no education to rely on, no family to run to. The odds truly weren't in their favor, and they both knew that their love wouldn't keep them alive, that huge sacrifices had to be made.But them being teenagers, they were bound to make me facepalm at least once. Rose had a "Bella during New Moon" phase, and Noah had bouts of possessiveness that had my—and, thankfully, Rose's, too—feminist hackles up, but they were brought about by his upbringing so I let that slide.Family is also a big part of this story. Rose's and Noah's relationships with theirs were endearing and heartwarming. They weren't perfect, as no family truly is, and that just benefited the story, teaching us that for better or for worse, family is family.Sweet, sexy, and romantic, Temptation isn't just a love story. It's also a coming-of-age story, but one that's far from being finished, because there's still plenty of growing up for the characters to do in the sequels.MY FAVORITE PART is Rose and Noah's first secret ride together ♥