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True - Erin McCarthy Actual rating: 3.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)True didn't end up becoming quite what I wanted it to be. I expected something complex and heart-wrenching, but what I got was a simple story filled with sweetness, swoon, and a dash of drama. That's not to say it disappointed me because I do enjoy the occasional straightforward love story.The only thing I hated about the main character, Rory, was how she often whined like "Oh, I'm a twenty-year-old studious virgin and I'm so weird." Please. Strike out studious and we'd be on the same page. Anyway, otherwise she was likable, with her honesty, genuineness, and determination to go after what she wanted. Most of all, she knew how and when to keep a cool head, therefore avoiding a lot of mindless arguments.Tyler, on the other hand, wasn't your typical bad boy. He was tattooed up and pierced in, um, unconventional places, but then he was a huge reader—he'd actually wanted to be a Lit major but his family's lack of financial resources prevented that. He was prideful but, like Rory, he had a handle on his temper. And when he's with his brothers? Talk about heartwarming and ridiculously hilarious at the same time.The story was quite slow to take off but it just heightened up my anticipation to see Rory and Tyler together. They were one of those couples that I just couldn't help but root for, especially given their circumstances. With 222 pages, the romance came quite sooner than I'd thought it would—perhaps so the two would still have ample time to deal with the consequences of being together, i.e. their families—and at first it was more about curiosity than attraction that Rory had for Tyler, but honestly, I didn't care too much about those things because by then, I was already shipping these two. Hard. And even though the ending was rushed, squashing every last bit of hope I'd had for complexity, I still loved it.MY FAVORITE PART was, hmm, probably the preview at the end for the next book. I knew a Jessica/Riley story would happen!