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CHAOS (Kardia Chronicles, #1) - Christine O'Neil (View this review on My Library in the Making.)I don't know what exactly I expected from Chaos, but it's certainly far from what I got. This take on mythology is fresh and unique, but to be honest, what kept me reading was the characters; they all had spunk for days and I could read about them even without Maggie's semi-god drama factoring in their story.Now let me talk about the stars of this book. I liked Maggie right from page one, but as soon as she declared herself a YA reader, we clicked. Like snap. Yep, we're total besties now. (I wish.) Being inside her head was hilarious, and add to that her snappy, sarcastic lines, and I was hooked. She made some questionable decisions, yes, but not downright-stupid ones. And even with her freaky evil power, she tried so hard to do what's right, so props to her.Mac Finnegan, the new-ish guy who knew how to push Maggie's buttons and also made her writhe with "want", was a mystery for the most part, but it never got frustrating because the truths about him trickled in satisfying amounts. The reason for his initial douche-ness was ample so he's forgiven. But what I don't get is why he dated the Queen Bee of the Mean Girls. He didn't really seem taken by her, so now I can't help but think that he just used her. Oh, well. I didn't see any redeeming quality to said Queen Bee so whatevs.The maddening sexual tension between Maggie and Mac, fueled even more by their frequent verbal jabs, had me both pulling at my hair and grinning like a maniac. Their advice columns were so much fun to read because knowing their conflicting takes on the same topic revealed just how different their ways of thinking were. "Opposites attract", indeed."Any other hidden talents you haven't mentioned?"I mulled it over. "I can pulverize the shit out of fruits and vegetables." "Excellent. If I need a smoothie, I know who to call."Funny, sexy, and intense all at the same time, I definitely recommend Chaos for people looking for something a little heavier than contemporary to read. There wasn't much going on in the conflict part aside from Maggie's out-of-control powers, but I never got bored, and I'll surely be on the lookout for the sequel!MY FAVORITE PART was Snowflake Swirl night. The Wobble scene made my heart swell :3