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Our Song - Jordanna Fraiberg (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)Our Song was a very nice surprise, what with three mysteries that kept me turning the pages. First, what really happened the night of Olive's accident—the night that she tried so hard to forget, I'm surprised she didn't end up having selective amnesia. Second, the song that kept playing in her head which came to her with complete lyrics and melody. And lastly, there was Nick himself—the British boy who shot golf balls from the roof of his car, holding the club like a baseball bat, and said things like 'We're defined by the risks that we take.'Although I couldn't quite connect with her at first, I really cared about Olive and rooted for her. Her every up and down tugged on my heartstrings. Admittedly, I wanted to shake her until she realized that she should move on to better things, especially from her ex-boyfriend who was so obviously better off left in her past. But suddenly, with the cliche haircut ceremony, Olive changed into someone who dressed differently and walked like she could face anything. To some, she might come across as giving up and not giving a damn anymore, but I knew that she was just finally owning what she'd always had.I liked how Olive was intrigued and, undoubtedly, attracted to Nick at first sight, but she refused to give much more meaning into it that early on, knowing just how naive that would be. Also, their slow-developing romance wasn't the swoon-y type, but something that inspired hope for both of them: two people who spent time with one another as they tried to escape their pasts that brought them to their life-changing encounters with death.Before, I would have been embarrassed or felt like a fraud. But when I was with Nick, I felt like could be or do anything.Lyrical and poignant, Our Song is the perfect read for a rainy day; there was something hopeful in Olive's voice that can reassure the reader that by the time the last page has been turned, he would find the sun to be peeking through the clouds, and if not, that life would still go on even with the rain.MY FAVORITE PART was when Olive finally realized that she had to let go of the life that she'd been clinging to.