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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout Actual rating: 4.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)Onyx picks up a few days after the events in Obsidian. Immediately, I was pulled back in by Katy, Daemon, and their incredible out-of-this-world chemistry. Hell, I was swooning in less than ten pages! But that said, Onyx wasn't as swoon-y as I'd thought it would be; instead, it stocked up with the action that some people might have wanted the first book to have had.There was a lot going on in this sequel, what with Katy, um, "changing"; a new guy moving in on her, much to Daemon's rage; and the DOD becoming more of a problem for them. And there was also Katy trying to stay away from Daemon, trying to push down her feelings for him because she thought he only wanted her because of their alien mojo connection.While Daemon still had his douche-y side here in Onyx, we also got to see a little bit more of his sweet side that he often kept hidden. Unfortunately, there was also more of his controlling side—granted that he was doing it to protect Katy, it still wasn't fair that he'd keep his distance, though not for long, just because she wouldn't do what he wanted her to."He just doesn't want to see me hurt." And that actually hurt to say, because I knew there was a mile-long road of good intentions behind what he had been saying last night, but he needed to see me as an equal. Not someone who was weak and needed rescuing.Katy, on the other hand, became more of a badass in here (can't say more without being spoiler-y, I'm afraid), but she made a lot of facepalm-worthy decisions and actions, and sometimes she just irritated me.The crazy chain of events led to a shocking, heartbreaking, and totally risky ending. It made clear just how heightened the stakes were, and I get nervous when I think about just how much worse it could get for these characters in Opal.MY FAVORITE PART was Daemon joining Katy when she filmed a Stacking the Shelves video. Sweet baby Jesus, why don't I have a Luxen to do that with?!