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Back to You - Priscilla Glenn (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)I had high expectations when I started reading this book—thanks to a well-written positive review I'd read—and I was nervous because expectations almost always led to disappointments. Thankfully, Back to You didn't just meet those—it exceeded them.For me, what made this book a solid hit were the two main characters, Lauren and Michael. At first glance, they were total opposites—the smart, kind, and beautiful girl, and the scary, temperamental guy who everyone avoided. Two very different people but both of whom I very much loved and wholeheartedly cared for.I liked Lauren because although she got excellent grades and did gymnastics, she still managed to party and be a normal teenager. But I loved her for her genuine kindness; she saw the good in everyone—not just in Michael—and didn't care about what everyone else said.Then we have Michael, the moody loner who preferred to keep people at a distance. He tried to scare her away by showing his true self, but Lauren proved she was there to stay. As the story unraveled and I learned the reasons behind his actions, the more my heart broke. God. I just wanted to hug him... for a whole day.Their story was written in alternating chapters of the present and past, and I loved how after intriguing the readers in the present, we are taken straight to the event in the past that caused it. It was also in this way that we are acquainted with their romance, which always left me craving for more. Having read this in less than a day—and without sleep, too—believe me when I say that Back to You was a real page-turner. Halfway through, I started feeling nervous for the ending, but Glenn couldn't have concluded this gripping story of understanding and forgiveness better.MY FAVORITE PART was the epilogue, hihi.