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Roar and Liv - (This mini-review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)We met Roar and Liv in Under the Never Sky and learned about their saddening backstory. So when I started reading this novella, I thought I was ready for all the feels because I knew where this was headed. Turns out, one can never be ready for heartache. Sweet and sad at the same time, Roar and Liv made me tear up starting at chapter three (yes, three), and then in every few chapters after that. It wasn't all sobs though, because in here, we also got a deeper look into Roar and Perry's friendship which brought moments of laughter. I guess my only complaint about this one is that it's very short, even for a novella, but that also means the plot was extremely tight and the pace extremely fast.MY FAVORITE PART was every single one with Roar and Liv together in it. This whole novella, basically.