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Hooked - Liz Fichera (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)I feel like the blurb promised a hot romance—which wasn't quite what I got—but true to its title, I was Hooked from page one.The main reason for that was Fred Oday, the girl from the Reservation who learned how to play golf just by watching it. Right off the bat, I immediately worried about her because of her joining the all-boys golf team; I knew it wasn't going to be easy for her. She was painfully shy most of the time and, disappointingly, rarely stood up for herself when she was being bullied... but not on the golf course, where she showed her inner fire and left everyone's jaws hanging. It's also on the golf course where I admired her the most because she was no prodigy and her parents weren't able to provide for lessons—she worked to get that killer swing.But that isn't to say Ryan Berenger didn't work for his swing. Although he was the typical spoiled jock, he did take golf seriously, too. I hated how he questioned yet still followed Seth's every whim, but it was nice to see him change from that pushover to a guy who stood up for what he wanted. I have to mention that his transition was slow, so I'd expect some people to hate Ryan for the most part of the book. I would know—I wanted to smack some sense into him, too.I really loved Fred and Ryan's slow-building romance. It was believable because they're basically from two very different worlds, and that fact just made it so much sweeter. How I wish this book was full of sweetness, though. It is not, and that's mostly thanks to Seth, Ryan's best friend who got kicked off the team to make way for Fred, and Gwyneth, the girl who would always be found clinging to Ryan. They deserve being mentioned here because this homicidal douchebag and arrant bitch (god I hate using that word, but Gwyneth deserves it!) gave me murderous feels.Another thing I loved was the golf. Before reading this book, I only had two thoughts when I encountered that word: 1) Tiger Woods, and 2) I walk in the middle of a freaking golf course to get to school. Oh, and I consider it a grandpa sport... Anyway, now I'll think of Fred and Ryan! ♥The alternating perspectives endeared this couple to me, and the touches on bullying and racism made Hooked so much more than a YA contemporary romance novel. I loved the ending, and this early in the year, I am already looking forward to 2014 because of Played!MY FAVORITE PART was Fred and Ryan's day at the golf club. Oh, the lurve.