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Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)I bought Crescendo the same time I got Hush, Hush (last year), so immediately after falling in love with the first book, I devoured this one... and fell deeper in love!Crescendo started out with a glimpse of Nora and Patch's happy months together after the events in Hush, Hush, then the problems trickled in again, but this time, it was in the form of archangels and Nora's bloodline. The plot thickened with shocking truths and new characters, and I just kept turning the page - I still did even during re-reads, and I just finished my third for this year. In this book, Nora learned that being with Patch wasn't going to be easy, and I loved that fact because it is not supposed to be easy. He's an angel, she's a human, and the hardest kind of love is probably the one between two different kinds of DNA. I understood Nora's mistrust towards Patch when he wouldn't tell her about his business with Marcie, but not how she thought he was faking his feelings for her. If he was, she wouldn't be alive! That part just irritated me, but what's worse was how, for the most part, Crescendo was Nora's rollercoaster ride of conflicting emotions. She did stupid things and made questionable decisions, but in the end, she came out a better and more mature person.Although I don't think Crescendo suffered the "second book syndrome", it was a letdown compared to Hush, Hush. The pace was okay, and it didn't have enough action for me. But when it comes to the amount of laughable moments, this book kicked its predecessor's butt. And did I mention the killer ending? Wow! Becca Fitzpatrick sure loves to torture her characters and readers.MY FAVORITE PART was Nora sneaking in to Marcie's bedroom, especially the way she got out of there. Swoon.