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Pantomime - Laura Lam (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)When I see the word 'circus' in a blurb, I can't help but expect something great. Thankfully, Pantomime did not disappoint. At first, I was quite confused because I didn't realize the story was told in Gene and Micah's alternating POVs. Now, I know some of you aren't fond of alternating POVs, but trust me when I say you haven't encountered something quite like the one in this book—*wink wink* to everyone who's read this, lol. Also, I am very curious as to what would've happened if Micah didn't run away from home.Aside from what was going on with the two characters' lives, there was also the fantasy element that was like the undercurrent of this book. Most of what we're told about it were in the short snippets found before every chapter, but I think it had a huge part in driving this story forward; how could it not? It was basically the way-back-backstory.But Pantomime couldn't have been as good as it was if not for Lam's lyrical yet clear writing. She didn't bother saving us from any detail, be it gory or not. The same could be said for her world-building, which was just the way I like it: subtle but precise. I imagined Ellada as easily as if I'd seen it, and that's something that rarely happens for me, especially with high fantasy books.Although the pace was consistent throughout the book, the story progressed slower than I would've liked. That said, I still found myself unprepared for that crazy cliffhanger ending... but thank heavens for there will be a sequel! MY FAVORITE PART was Drystan's big reveal. I love him!