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Indigo Awakening - Jordan Dane (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)From the blurb alone, I knew Indigo Awakening would remind me of X-Men, which, like the case in Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me, is never bad because God knows how much I love mutants. Sadly, this book didn't quite... amaze me.The story introduces us to Rayne, a Harley-driving teenage girl with an iguana for a pet, and her new dilemma: Luke, her younger brother, had escaped from the hospital he was detained in for his "abilities". But Rayne didn't know that Luke's talents and quirks were actually him being a part of the evolution of mankind, along with the other Indigos.Indigo Awakening was certainly action-packed and suspense-filled, what with the ruthless and, unbeknownst to themselves, jealous Believers going after the gifted but misunderstood children, but what broke it for me were the lengthy and sometimes redundant internal monologues. Although those parts revealed a lot about the characters - because the book was written in multiple perspectives - I couldn't help but wish they would end once the action kicked in, but they irritatingly stayed on till the end and appeared in moments when I was just desperate to know what would happen next. They really downplayed the pace, and I think the author overused them to reveal backstory.Also, there was quite a case of insta-love here. It didn't bother me when it happened to fellow Indigos because they all had this bond with everyone else in their kind, but I can't find an excuse for Rayne and Gabriel because only one of them was an Indigo. What's worse was how fast their relationship moved, and I found Gabriel's reaction - or lack, thereof - to Rayne's touching and snuggling when they'd just met unrealistic. I mean, I expected him to get uneasy or back away at first because he had been living in seclusion for years, but instead he was uneasy only for the same reason normal teenage boys would be if they were in close proximity with a girl.After all my ranting above, you might think I didn't enjoy this book, but I did. I think it was because of the overall thrill of the cat-and-mouse game, and even more so when the mice proved powerful enough to defend themselves. Still, stories like this don't end with a happy ever after, but I'm fine with that because - especially with that little bomb right at the last page - I'm really looking forward to Crystal Storm (oh god that freaking title!), the sequel.MY FAVORITE PART was Rayne and Gabriel's rescue mission at the tunnels.