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All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill (View this review on My Library in the Making.)Holy cow. I won't be surprised if All Our Yesterdays ends up being one of my top five reads this year. It has everything I want in a book, and I was hooked right from the start. Considering the main characters' situations, the story should have been predictable, but it couldn't be farther from that. It actually made me gasp loud enough for my brother to hear from his room and think I was having a panic attack or something.Cristin Terrill's take on time travel is different from everything I've read before, more scientific than fantastical, making this book more sci-fi and more plausible than the others. In here, the time travelers can change the past and greatly affect the future, upping the stakes in this exhilarating ride of a book.The characters felt very real, and even if they were "related" to each other, they all had this individuality to them and it was just impossible to mix them up. They also showed how easy it is for people to change in a short period of time. Surprisingly enough, my favorite out of the bunch is the antagonist, the "doctor". His mind was messed-up, but the extra insight (God it sure is hard to avoid spoiling this book) on him portrayed his complexity, and by the end, I pitied him more than I despised him.And apparently, Cristin Terrill knows how to write a damn good romance—a love triangle, even—with it adding punch to the action instead of getting in the way. And All Our Yesterdays is nothing if not action-packed; putting this book down was nearly impossible because something happened in every chapter.A story of friendship, ambition, and betrayal, All Our Yesterdays is the book I'd give to a sci-fi-wary reader. The pace is crazy and the plot full of twists, leading to a shocking end. I can't imagine how the sequel will play out since this first book was wrapped up really well, if a little vague, but I'm already anxiously waiting for it!MY FAVORITE PART is Marina leaving James in the restaurant. It really shows how a single decision can determine the future, even of another person.