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Recalled - Cambria Hebert (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)Dex had been a homeless young man for years, doing whatever means necessary to survive - like he did the night he stole from Piper. But survival certainly wasn't in his head when, just moments after that, he pushed her out of the way of an oncoming bus and died for her. He expected to wake up in hell but instead came to in an office, in front of a man who offered him another shot at life - a better one, too - in exchange of killing. Dex accepted the job, and his first Target: Piper.I really liked Dex. He was a no-nonsense guy, practical and realistic, so it didn't surprise me how easily he believed and understood the fact about Death Escorts. I also liked how, throughout the book, he was constantly torn between self-preservation and selflessness. His hard life didn't give him much chances to do any good so he thought himself incapable of it, but his hidden kindness shone through in a lot of moments during his 'second life'.Piper, on the other hand, made me facepalm more times than I could've tolerated. I mean, asking for a ride from a guy she hadn't known for more than five minutes and whose name she didn't even know, and then spilling her heart out to him during the said car ride? And even though the book was told in both Dex and Piper's perspectives, I felt like her character fell flat. Another disappointing thing was how the book started and ended without any explanation for Piper's visions, but I guess we'll know more in the sequel.I also wasn't convinced by their romance. It happened too fast and without much basis, especially because on Piper's part, I felt like it was just physical attraction mixed with gratitude. At least at first.All that said, Recalled was nothing if not fast-paced. I adored some of the secondary characters as well, namely Frankie, Piper's BFF, and Storm and Charming, two other Escorts, because they added so much more color to the story. Overall, Recalled was a fast, fun read that couldn't have ended better.MY FAVORITE PARTS were Dex teasing Charming :))