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'Til the World Ends - Julie Kagawa,  Ann Aguirre,  Karen Duvall Actual rating: 2.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)I haven't read anything by any of these authors—yeah, not even Julie Kagawa—but I've been hearing great things about all of them so even if this book's an anthology, I was excited to read it. Sadly, only one of the three stories satisfied me. Dawn of Eden - Julie KagawaThis story is a prequel novella to Kagawa's Blood of Eden series, and honestly, it didn't encourage me to start the series anytime soon. I couldn't sympathize with the main characters, and I felt like their romance wasn't needed in the plot, either. However, I am curious about the strange man who helped them, who I'm pretty certain appears in the next books.Thistle & Thorne - Ann AguirreNow this is the one that satisfied me. It's perfectly placed as the middle story, really, because it makes up for the first one and prepares for another trip downhill in the next story. I loved the badass main characters, Mari and Thorne, who totally reminded me of Tris and Four from Divergent. And as short stories should, the action immediately kicked in and I found myself being unable to put this down. Now, while I complained about the romance in Dawn of Eden (as I will in Sun Storm in just a little while), the romance in here felt like the cliffhanger—or maybe that's because I'm a sucker for badass romance. Anyway, that aspect made me wish this will get continued in a full-length novel!Sun Storm - Karen DuvallMy liking for this one falls somewhere in the middle of the first two above. Sun Storm started out well, but the romance—slight insta-love, even—messed up the awesome equation.I loved the idea of Kinetics a.k.a. the mutants brought about by the intensified sun rays, especially since I'm one of those who believe that the world will end when the sun does, and the deadly heat waves in this story are one of the signs of that death. And I also really just have a weakness for mutants. But something that I found unrealistic in this story was how only human skin was susceptible to the heat, not buildings or cars or even tents. Also, the more the government and other Kinetics got involved, the more confused I got. And I guess it says a lot that I struggled to read the last 10% of this story.MY FAVORITE PART was the car/motorcycle (failing memory, sorry) chase in Thistle & Thorne.