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The Guys Are Props Club - Ingrid Seymour (View this review My Library in the Making.)If you think The Guys Are Props Club sounds like a unique NA book, that's because it is. The premise is something I haven't encountered before, and although I disliked the idea of the club in the book, it sure made for a really fun read.Despite her initial pushover tendencies, Maddie was an okay character. Smart, independent, and driven, I started liking her when I learned that she was already enlightened as to how wrong their little club was, how their Plays made them just like the men who'd broken their hearts. But beneath Maddie's composed exterior was a girl who'd been traumatized by love, and I really pitied her when I realized just how scared she was to love again.Fortunately, Sebastian was the perfect guy for a broken heart, like ice cream on a bad day. At first, I couldn't see his charm, but soon enough... wow. This guy had sexy down to an art, and he wasn't even trying. He's honest and straight-forward without ever being disrespectful, and Maddie's best friend Jessica was lucky that she's a character in this book - I'm sure most NA guys would've told her to shut the eff up. Or ogled.Despite their mad attraction for one another, Maddie was reluctant to get into a relationship with Sebastian, so he got his moves on which turned me into a puddle of goo. Then they soon decided to take it slow instead of jumping each other's bones, and this actually made them more realistic and well-developed. Short and fast-paced yet still sweet and sexy, there was no shortage of character growth here in The Guys Are Props Club. People looking for a non-formulaic NA read - or guy, because Sebastian really is something special - will not be disappointed, and might even ask for more.MY FAVORITE PART is the last scene ♥