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Losing Francesca - J.A. Huss Actual rating: 3.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)When I first read the description for Losing Francesca, I knew I was signing up for a unique book. It sounded that plus odd, and it ended up being those but with a lot of feels and surprises.Francesca Sabatini never thought her vacation to America would end up with her being made to live with another family—one that claims she's their daughter who'd gone missing twelve years ago. I sympathized with her when she kept on insisting that she's not Fiona Sullivan, because how can you not know who you are, right? It was either selective amnesia or lying. Soon enough, we learn that she's not downright lying; she just believes a whole other truth with all that she has.Francesca (I'm gonna call her that because 'Fiona' only makes me think of Shrek's wife) was a likable main character. She had a weird-ass life in wherever the hell she came from—I know where, of course, but I'm avoiding spoilers here because that would totally ruin the book—but she was headstrong, brave, and realistic.And then there's this boy, Brody Mason. At first I thought he was the typical local bad boy, but he was actually Fiona's childhood best friend, and he never stopped loving her when she was gone. He also never stopped believing that she'd come back, so I just wanted to give him a hug when Francesca kept saying that she's not Fiona.Although it's not the only reason, the constant mystery of who Francesca's "father" kept me reading—flying through the pages, to be exact. He was always present in her thoughts, even when she was already starting to like being Fiona. I'd also be guilty if I were her because this father obviously gave her a life filled with love and luxury. I had a few theories about him, and one of them ended up being correct.Losing Francesca wasn't all about romance, and I liked that. It also focused on family and blurring the line between right and wrong. It wasn't anything mindblowingly amazing, but it's a book that I will definitely pick up again.MY FAVORITE PART were her "foot picture" moments. What they meant were both saddening and heartwarming.