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A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin I first heard about A Game of Thrones when some people I followed on Twitter posted about how good the HBO series was. I google-d it and found out that it was based on a book so I decided to read first before watching, and that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The story starts with the depiction of the lives of the Starks in Winterfell. It was generally peaceful until King Robert, Lord Eddard Stark's good friend, offered him something that he wanted to refuse at first but, thanks to a terrible turn of events, ended up accepting. I totally regret not giving more time for reading this book (I read this for four weeks *kicks self*) because the story was really fast-paced and unpredictable. At first it was quite confusing, though that's probably because of my lack of imagination. I would recommend reading a quarter of the book THEN watching the first episode of the TV series so that you can associate faces with most of the names. Also, I think another reason for that confusion of mine was because Martin jumped from one person's part of the story to another in every chapter, but I got used to it soon enough. In conclusion, I love how there's a perfect mix of reality and fantasy in this story. Halfway through, I told myself I won't read the next book in A Song of Ice and Fire until after months, but I changed my mind when I got to the ending which was a total cliffhanger! So I would recommend buying the sequel, A Clash of Kings, before you finish this one. My favorite part: Every time Tyrion displays his wit and humor, and Arya being the bad-ass that she is.