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One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel García Márquez THE COVERI love the cover for this edition. Actually, I google-d the covers of Harper Perennial Modern Classics and loved all of them, lol.So I finally finished this lengthy baby.My only expectation when I began reading this book was that, like other classics, it would be difficult to understand. But it wasn't. The writing was very simple despite the long paragraphs which sometimes spanned a few pages.Unlike most of the people who have read this, I didn't find the magical realism aspects weird. I would've if Marquez claimed that this story happened in real life, but no, this is fiction. Unrealistic things should be expected in fiction. Also, the unending list of men named Jose Arcadio and Aureliano really irked me at first, but after a while I just found it really funny XDThis book's details surely won't stick with me for a long time (I just finished it, like, less than six hours ago and I already can't remember some minor parts) but I really loved this.Especially the ending ♥