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Predestined  - Abbi Glines THE COVER I have mixed feelings for this one. I love the picture of the girl with those fiery eyes of hers, but the font's not doing it for me.THE STORYLet me get it out: I liked Predestined more than Existence. The story flow was way better, and the other characters were expounded. Glines explained the reason why Pagan could see souls, and also Dank's last words in the first book. One thing I didn't get was the voodoo world. Was it supposed to be hell, or just an evil dimension?THE CHARACTERSPagan showed some attitudinal improvements; she's tougher and more determined. Unfortunately, she still had to be saved. Why can't Glines make her more able?As for Dank, he was quite the disappointment in this. He did either of these two things: take souls or save Pagan. Yes, that was it. But he's still swoon-worthy.And Leif is back! Honestly, if I were Pagan, I would've gone with Leif just to get everything over with.MY FAVORITE PART was Pagan in the voodoo world. I loved the idea of that place.