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Broken - A.E. Rought (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)I just realized that I finished reading this Frankenstein retelling just as Frankenstorm's about to hit the US East Coast. Stay safe, friends!Broken opened by showing Emma's grief and undying love for Daniel, her deceased boyfriend. She visited the cemetery almost everyday, wishing for a grave that wasn't there because Daniel had been cremated. She didn't stop reliving their memories together... until Alex Franks came. Though quite predictable, this book still intrigued me. I guessed most of the what's, but the why's kept me reading. If I didn't have a life, I would've finished this in one sitting despite the insta-love. The symptoms were there: sizzling air, electricity, and vague familiarity. And although I almost always hated insta-love in other books, it didn't annoy me even a little here in Broken, probably because it was integral to the story.But it wasn't without flaws. There were less happenings than I would've liked; Emma's entire days were written, right down to her waking up late everyday, choosing between Daniel's or Alex's hoodie, getting to-go breakfast from her mom, and buying breve from Mugz-n-Chugz; and the descriptions were overboard at some parts. At times, they didn't make sense until I read them again but oddly, I actually enjoyed the thinking that I had to do. Now for the characters. I didn't like Emma, but I didn't hate her, either. Her grief haunted her everywhere and she let it affect every part of her life. She also kept remembering Daniel in Alex, and I just thought it was unfair to him. One of her few redeeming qualities was that at least she knew it wasn't normal to have such deep feelings for Alex less than a week after they met. I also liked that she didn't care about what other people said. And Alex Franks. He's easily one of the sappiest guys I've ever read, but oh man, did he get to me big-time. I imagined the serene way he looked at Emma and I almost melted. Sweeter than chocolate? Yep, that's him. Long before I read The End, I was already in love with him, freaky medical history included.Brilliantly emotional and creepy, I'm glad I read Broken this close to Halloween. It may be a retelling, but it was very original, too. And that beautiful ending truly earned itself. I hope this'll be available here in the Philippines because I really want a finished copy (look at that gorgeous cover!).MY FAVORITE PART was whenever Emma stood up for herself... which was always!