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The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)I usually end up loving the books that I read, but only a few leave me speechless after I turn the last page. I can definitely say The Edge of Never is one of those few.At first, Camryn was kind of a stuck-up, emotionless neat-freak, but surprisingly, I never disliked her, and that was because I knew something triggered all that control she had. I couldn't help but pity her because nobody deserves to go through life the way she had—completely guarded and hopeless—but I couldn't help but admire her, either, because at least she still went on with life instead of doing something worse, and especially when she finally dropped everything and went off to do something she felt like doing.But most of all, I envied her because of Andrew motherfrakking Parrish. Tall, brown-haired, green-eyed, complete with tattoos and a somewhat elitist taste in music (classic rock, thanks to his dad), this dude had me squirming the moment he hopped into that bus. Sadly, just like Camryn, he had his own emotional baggage, but also just like her, he knew how to handle it, though quite passively, but his spontaneity made up for that.Their romance did develop quite fast, I believe, but I also believe that two people can't share Camryn's and Andrew's levels of inner turmoil to one another and not develop that kind of bond. Anyway, I loved that even with all the drama they each had, their relationship was fun—god, they doubled me over with laughter a lot of times—and honest, the kind of honesty that comes, not with someone you've known your whole life, but with a stranger.What I really loved about this book is the idea of two people finding in each other something they didn't even know they were looking for. That, plus the heartful writing in both of the characters' POVs and the humor, already makes me look forward to reading this book again!MY FAVORITE PART was the jukebox incident at Waffle House XD