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Notes from Ghost Town - Kate Ellison Actual rating: 3.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)So apparently I had another attack of "OOOOH PRETTY COVER LET ME SKIP THE BLURB" because what I expected from this was a cheesy and angsty supernatural romance... which was quite not what I got.Olivia Tithe used to have a good life; she had loving parents, great friends, and outstanding artistic talent. But all of that went down the drain when her schizophrenic mom was discovered with blood in her hands - Lucas Stern's, Olivia's best friend, blood. Now, ten months after the gruesome incident and nine days from her mom's trial, Olivia is haunted by Lucas' ghost, saying her mom is innocent. Adding the ghost with her colorblindness, Olivia's convinced that she's following in her mom's crazy footsteps, but what if she's not?Olivia wasn't a very likable character for me. I got irritated when she wouldn't quit yapping about Stern's ghost not being real, but considering it could mean she was becoming crazy like her mom, I understood her dilemma. I admired her for being headstrong and making some smart decisions, but she was far from perfect. Aside from estranging her dad, his new fiancee, and Raina, her other best friend, what I really hated was Olivia using Austin Morse, her dad's good friend's son, to forget about Lucas and her other worries. It was really unfair to him.Speaking of romance, I didn't expect to love Lucas this much. I thought he'd just be the ghost in this story, but he was the one who brought the "no oh god why" feels. He had a great future ahead of him - as in, wow, Juilliard - but it all went to waste because of such meaningless reasons. Although the writing was really beautiful, moving, and perfect for such an emotionally-packed story, the plot didn't quite amaze me. It was predictable; around halfway through, I'd already guessed the real culprit. I don't consider this a murder mystery as much as a coming-of-age story, but it was painful and stunning on both accounts.MY FAVORITE PART was Olivia playing the piano with "someone's" help ♥