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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)I first read Obsidian more than a year ago, and even then I'd already loved it to bits. Everything about it—from the plot to the setting and especially the characters—was very addictive, and I was hooked from start to end.Katy was kind and calm but feisty when provoked, and I could relate to her not only because she felt like such a real teenager, but also because she's a book blogger! Yep, she's not just the stereotypical bookworm goody-two-shoes. She spazzes about books the way I do—the way we do, blogger friends! Anyway, her halo got thrown to the corner every time Daemon, her hot alien neighbor, was within interacting distance, and it was amusing to see Katy be both repulsed and attracted to him. Daemon was, unarguably, a douchebag, but his backstory was reason enough for that. And really, their hilarious and sexual-tension-filled bantering just entertained me. The other characters also added so much to this story. There was Dee, Daemon's sister, who was kinda desperate to have a human friend. She was so perky, and I'm pretty sure we wouldn't get along too well if she were real. And then there were the other alien triplets: Ash, Andrew, and Adam. The first two had attitudes that were worse than Daemon's, but Katy was tough enough to handle them. And finally, Katy's mom and human friends, Lesa and Carissa, who were worthy distractions for when the aliens next door became too much for her sanity.This take on aliens was very fresh and unique, and it worked well with the story because I don't even want to imagine Katy falling for an innards-eating monster! But I'll shut up now and let you discover for yourself the type of alien that JLA has written—types, actually, because their enemies were a different species.An incredibly fast-paced book that was equal parts sci-fi and contemporary, Obsidian never bored me, not even for a second, and has made this one of my favorite book series ever!MY FAVORITE PART was Daemon's sleepy fondling =))