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One Tiny Lie - K.A. Tucker (View this review on My Library in the Making.)Ten Tiny Breaths is currently one of my favorite reads this year, so I just freaked out when I learned that it would have a sequel. Unfortunately, One Tiny Lie has left me underwhelmed and disappointed.Livie Cleary is starting her freshman year in Princeton, and her sister Kacey, the MC in the first book, is hellbent on pulling out Livie's inner beast from underneath the perfect good girl. One night at a party manages to do just that, and she wakes up in her dormroom the next morning with a tattoo and a very hot, very naked guy: Ashton Henley, captain of the rowing team slash manwhore.I thought Livie being too good to be true would be my only problem with her, so I decided to overlook that, thinking "Hey, if that's how the author wants it. *shrugs*" Soon, though, that turned out to be the least of my issues with her as she had me raising an eyebrow more times than I'd have liked.First, when Ashton asked her to keep on the hush their night of debauchery, Livie thought something was wrong with her, not him. I also couldn't fathom how Miss Prim and Proper took quite long to realize just how wrong it was to date a guy when she was obviously attracted to his best friend. And lastly, she was so passive that if not for the other characters, this book wouldn't have progressed at all.Now for the manwhore. Was Ashton hot? Yes. Was he a douche? Definitely. Normally, I don't even notice douchiness in books, so this says a lot about him. The way he pushed then pulled Livie made me suspect that he was bipolar, and in true Ten Tiny Breaths fashion, the dude had his own issues. Unfortunately, I don't believe they justified how he'd treated Livie.So yes, One Tiny Lie didn't amaze, and it didn't even amuse for the most part, but there is significant character growth so it's still worth a try. The ending saved this for me because only God knows how good K.A. Tucker is at writing them, and I'm really excited for the next book, Four Seconds to Lose, which will be Cain's story!MY FAVORITE PART is"Hello!" Kacey waves dramatically at them as she does every night, clearly enjoying the fact that her man is being drooled over. She points at Trent. "He's five hundred for two hours!" Swinging her hand Ashton's way, she adds, "Seven-fifty for him because he's young. You should hear how he makes my sister scream!"Jesus Christ =))