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Interim Goddess of Love - Mina V. Esguerra Actual rating: 3.5(View this review on My Library in the Making.)I've been meaning to read Interim Goddess of Love since January of last year, and now I'm mentally kicking myself for waiting this long to read it. I sure had been missing out! This book is very cute, fun, and light, but that doesn't mean its plot lacks complexity. There are so many aspects to this story aside from what is indicated in the title, and to mix all that in less than two hundred pages makes this a gripping read—not to mention the Philippine setting makes it easier to envision the story.With her smartness, determination, and practicality, it's impossible for me not to like Hannah. She doesn't let anything stop her from reaching her goal and faces everything head-on, even if it's deities from Filipino myth who are stopping her. One of the very few issues I have with this book, though, is her characterization. Even with the first person POV, I don't feel like I connected much with Hannah.Filipino myth—which I shamefully know little about—isn't the only thing that Interim Goddess of Love is full of. Get this: cute boys. A whole lot of them. Well, not really, but three of them. And they're in one group of friends, like, just as Hannah says, a freaking boy band. First is Quin, the Sun God and Hannah's boss. The mixed signals he keeps on sending confused and frustrated me just as much as they do to Hannah, but the little snippets of memories that enter her dreams suggest a whole other thing. Next is Diego, the moody bad boy who never fails to find, or start, trouble. He's more like a new friend at this point, but there are two more books... And then there's Robbie, the nicest and most normal of the bunch, and the one I'm currently rooting for. "Where is the Original Goddess of Love?" That's a question I'd been distracted from up until the final quarter of the book. I'm pretty sure it's not my failing memory, so I'm disappointed that this question doesn't get an answer in this first book. But I'm sure we'll get that and a deeper knowing of the characters in the next books, which I'll certainly get to before this year ends!MY FAVORITE PART is Bash night :3