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What Endures - Katie   Lee (View this review on My Library in the Making.)I have to admit, I got interested in What Endures because of how much it sounded like The Vow, one of the not-so-few movies that made me bawl like a baby. This book didn't succeed in making me do that, but it still tugged on a few heartstrings.The main characters were okay for the most part. At first, I wanted to shake Megan so hard because she was obviously taking the easy way out by avoiding rekindling her relationship with Jason, even when he, unknowingly, wanted to do that same. Eventually, I understood what she was doing and just pitied her, but not as much as I pitied Jason. He was the golden boy (well, man, really, as he was 27) who had suddenly lost everything. His struggle was painful to witness, even for a mere onlooker like me.Perhaps that's my biggest issue with this book: not how the characters irritated me with their running around in circles, but how I never felt a connection with them. They felt distant the whole time, and what kept me reading was only my curiosity at how their story would play out. Also, I'd just like to point out that "starting anew" would have been easier had they let each other finish their sentences. Seriously.The last 20% of this book was too clogged up with a mixture of internal monologues and lengthy conversations, and soon enough I just wished for Megan and Jason to go straight to the point and get it all over with. But despite my problems with their way of handling things, I did genuinely root for them to be together, so What Endures clearly did something right.MY FAVORITE PART was Jason's birthday :3