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The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy (Colebrook Academy Series, #1) - C.C. Dalton,  Twist Literary (View this review on My Library in the Making.)The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy is a unique book in that it's really short, kind of like a novella in length, and it made me think of the first episode of a new TV series where you're introduced to the story, the main characters, and their issues, then poof, you have to wait for the second episode to know more. This might put off readers who want a complete story arc by the end of a book, and I'm usually one of them, but not with this one.I've watched every single episode of Gossip Girl, and from that you can deduce that I have a thing for egotistical teens who wreak havoc with their fat bank accounts and act like they own the world, and Markham Savoy was exactly that... and more. He's smart, practical, and an environmentalist too, but like most great men, a great woman was his undoing.I finished this book in one hour, but that wasn't just because of the length. The plot was very interesting and progressed fast that I couldn't stop reading. It wasn't just Markham who made the story compelling—the other characters also had a lot to do with that. Strangely enough, the one character who I found a tad bit boring was the girl of Markham's dreams, Piper Harrington, but I sensed an underlying complexity to her so I guess she'll get better in the next books.If you can't already tell, I totally enjoyed The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy. It had me at page one because I genuinely wanted to know more about Markham and his world. I recommend it to people looking for a short, light read, and I'm certainly eager to read the next books!MY FAVORITE PART is Markham repaying Piper. So adorable!