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Existence  - Abbi Glines THE COVER OOOOOOOOOOH THAT COVER. YES GOOD JOB YES. Pepe Toth is glory personified. And Sztella too, but all we can see here is her back, but hey, it's glorious too, lol. Oh God those eyes. Moving on!THE STORYWhen I read the synopsis, the story intrigued me. Death falling in love? Yes, please. And the fact that the female lead also had a power made it more interesting. There were a lot of surprises in the end, but I felt like a lot of parts could have been cut out to make the pace better. THE CHARACTERSUnfortunately, Pagan's ability to see souls was the only significant thing about her (until we get to book two, but that's got to wait for now). Like most female main characters in YA, she had to be saved several times. I'm all for butt-kicking girls so that weakness always irks me.Also, even though I swoon every time Dank's in the page, there really wasn't much back-up for their attraction. I won't call it insta-love, though, because Pagan certainly wanted Dank gone at first, thinking he's just another ghost. But I can't blame Pagan because if I were her, I'd fall in love with Dank, too... especially if he looked like Pepe Toth. Moving on!MY FAVORITE PART was every time Dank sung. I'm a sucker for guys who sing and play the guitar. And the author's friend (I think?) recorded Dank's songs.