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The Fallen Prince (Keepers of Life, #2) - Shea Berkley (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)The Fallen Prince opens a few days after the events in The Marked Son, as Dylan struggles more than ever to fit in the human world with his new, uncontrollable powers that endanger everyone around him. He and Kera also have their hands full, thanks to the weakened barrier between the human world and Teag, leaving deadly creatures free to cross.Let me tell you now: this sequel has outdone its predecessor—and to think that one was already really good. There was action right off the bat, something that other readers might have looked for in The Marked Son, and the stakes were higher than ever. When Dylan's power threatened to reveal his true identity to the humans in town, even his loved ones were on edge, wanting to keep him safe while fearing for their own lives.Something I didn't like was how Dylan constantly pitied himself and whined internally—yes, internally, but we still suffer it because the book was written in first-person. I also hated how Kera didn't trust him enough and kept secrets from him, thinking ignorance would keep him safe.Like in the first book, Shea Berkley's writing was as beautiful and descriptive as ever. I didn't have problems seeing every ripple of wind, slope of the land, or the fire that engulfed Dylan. And I hope that will continue on until The Bastard King, which, thankfully, will come without too much of a wait!MY FAVORITE PART was Dylan's first training with Wyatt :))