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Phoenix (Black City, #2) - Elizabeth  Richards (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)Phoenix picks up a few weeks/months (I'm not sure because I flew through those details, lol) after the events in Black City, and immediately there was action and suspense. Purian Rose has threatened Natalie's life if Ash doesn't vote in favor of Rose's Law, but if he does, he would fail the same rebellion that he is the face of.This sequel was 368 pages of adventure, as Ash and Natalie worked with the rebellion while trying to keep themselves out of Purian Rose's hands. With their lives at stake, they only found solace in each other's arms, and even that love was tested, revealing just how much these characters have grown. Natalie has developed into a strong and practical person, always thinking of the greater good rather than herself, and I just really loved—and pitied—her. Ash, on the other hand, started out really well, and I thought his death and resurrection had made him mature even more. Well, no. He soon, although only in bouts, reverted back into his testosterone-induced self. To his defense, Natalie also had some faults, but I hold him responsible for his actions.Here in Phoenix, we reunite with and bid farewell to a lot of old characters while meeting new ones. Ash and Natalie's mission to save everyone from Purian Rose's greed for power brought them outside Black City, and we finally got to see so much more of their colorful world as their every step left flames behind.More eventful than Black City—and that one was already brimming with happenings—Phoenix was also full of surprises and revelations; there was at least one of them in every chapter, so my eyes were just glued to the pages. This book tired me out, in a good way, because I felt like I was running for my life alongside Ash and Natalie. It was shocking until the end, but it left me feeling like nothing was resolved. Still, you don't know how desperate I am for the third book! 2014, please come sooner.MY FAVORITE PART was Nat's birthday.