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Wisteria (Wisteria, #1) - Bisi Leyton Actual rating: 3.5(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)It might have been another case of my skim-through-the-blurb disease, but I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into when I opened Wisteria. Now, I can say that I am pleasantly surprised.Right off the bat, we learn about the danger of Wisteria's world that is crawling with flesh eaters, but she chose to be useful to her community instead of keeping herself safe inside the Isle of Smythe, and I really admired her for that. Because of her job as a tracker, she was deadly with a gun—she had a sword, too, but she kept it as a last resort—making her a badass. But even with the undead, she also had to face the usual teenage problems: unrequited love, mean girls, and insecurities. These just served to endear her even more.The pace is quite slow at first, but it picks up when Wisteria gets into danger and is saved by Bach, a gorgeous boy who feels an eerie sense of familiarity to Wisteria the moment he sees her. Coming from a race that is somehow immune to the flesh eaters and looks down on humans, he tries to keep Wisteria at a distance, but his concern for her often gets past his cold exterior. There are many layers to this story, from the flesh eaters to cannibals, secrets and betrayals, surprises and revelations, all happening in an excellently fleshed-out (no pun intended) post-apocalyptic world. I never found it hard to imagine or understand what was going on where and when, so there was no hindrance to the action and suspense that filled the story.Although Wisteria's intermittent naivete and Bach's indecision irritated me, I think it just added to their roundedness as characters, making them as real as possible. And right after that big reveal as to their history, I just stormed through the pages until I got to that satisfying last one. Still, a lot of issues are left unsolved for the next book, which goes straight to my TBR list!MY FAVORITE PART was, well, the ending XD