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Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick (This review was originally posted here.)If I had to describe Silence in a few words, it would be "the calm before a storm", because it's what it truly was! A great build-up for the final book.The book picked up three months after the events in Crescendo. Nora woke up in a cemetery without memory of how she had gotten there, and found out that she'd been missing for three months. To make things worse, not only could she not remember everything that had happened to her during that time, but her amnesia also erased her memories of the two months before she had disappeared, totaling to five months of lost memory.Because of the abduction and memory loss, the water was already boiling right off the bat. Nora tried to regain and relearn the life she lost, and if Becca Fitzpatrick didn't execute that well, I would've been bored. Also, I pitied Nora, but I admired her more because she faced her "amnesia" very bravely. If I were her, I would've suffered from panic attacks to top it off. I also liked how she was still wary around Jev even though she felt an instant connection to him. It spoiled the romance, but it showed her level-headedness.The pace was a mountain range. It climbed up, reached the summit, and went down only to hike up again. Dull moments? There was none of that here, only an abundance of shock and thrill. And swoon, of course. Patch swoon.Unlike the usual case in other series, Silence bested the first book in its saga - or equated with it, at least. Now excuse me while I prepare myself before digging into Finale.MY FAVORITE PART was when Nora disagreed with Patch in his plan to keep her away from the action, to hide her until he's solved the problem.