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Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick Becca Fitzpatrick just made me cry for the second time. Oh, Patch ♥ Merged review:(This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)Can I just say "THIS BOOK WAS FREAKING AWESOME. GO BUY IT. NOW." and be done with this review? No? Fine. But I must warn you that I'm writing this with all my feels.Finale immediately followed the events in Silence. Nora, literally without getting a break, was thrust into the business of leading the Nephilim out of bondage with the fallen angels who possessed them during Cheshvan. At first, her only plan was to fulfill the oath she'd sworn to Hank so she and her mom wouldn't drop dead, but like the blurb said, the best-laid plans often go awry. And awry their plan went, alright. With old insecurities, new enemies, unforeseen betrayals, and shocking revelations, all I could imagine was a bleak ending. Let's just say it wasn't totally bleak, but not blinding bright, either.Still, the ending's just one part of it. Finale had the best pace out of all the books in this series, methinks. Never a dull moment, just constant action all around. And when I say action, it's not just the myriad of events happening all at once, but also physical action, especially for Nora as she trained her human body to adapt to the capabilities that her new Nephilim identity offered. She ran miles, sweat rivers, and honed her mind-tricking skills - which she got so good at, she even tricked... *evil grin* Yeah, you really should just read this book.One thing I didn't like was how Nora was still blinded by her hate for Dabria, which, as always, put her in some very sticky situations. Also, Patch became overprotective at times, but I think I'd have done the same if I were him. Or maybe I just love him too much to dislike anything he did. I also loved the interaction between the secondary characters, namely Marcie, Scott, Vee, and even Nora's mom. And if you've missed some characters from the previous books, don't worry because Becca wrote a roundup reunion in here.One surprise and plot twist after another, Finale had me in its grip until the last page. (I did put it down after 300 pages, though, because I didn't want it to end yet.) Even if it's the last book, the mystery and suspense were still there. And yes, I cried tears of joy and relief. I might've hugged the book for a minute or two. Kissed it, even. So this is what it's like to finish a beloved series, huh ♥ MY FAVORITE PART was the one that made me cry. Would saying it's 'Detective Basso's gift to Nora' be too much of a spoiler? I hope not.