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The Oathbreaker's Shadow - Amy McCulloch Actual rating: 4.5(View this review on My Library in the Making.)I don't get to read lots of them, but I have mad love for high fantasy. I think of them as the summit of fiction because their setting takes the story to a whole new level of unreal, and The Oathbreaker's Shadow is definitely a great addition to the genre.What first stood out for me was the seamless introduction of the characters and the world, which is what most high fantasy books have trouble accomplishing. We learn what we have to when we have to, so no info dumps or whatsoever in here, people. Amy McCulloch's richly-imagined setting is easy to envision, and the idea of the oath-binding knots is very original and, in Raim's world, very dangerous.Raim initially came across as such a pushover when it came to Khareh but, his best friend being the future king, who could blame him? Their friendship was endearing and questionable at the same time, and it wasn't until their parting that they realized their true selves. Character growth was prolific in this book, and it wasn't just Raim's, although, being the main character, we see most of his as he grew into the person he wanted to be by being the thing he despised the most.The mystery behind the knot on Raim's wrist and just what oath he had broken kept my eyes glued to the pages, but that wasn't the only thing that drove the story forward because Raim wasn't the only one who was experiencing or doing something life-changing. The other characters were all significant and had their own equally compelling story arcs, and this book is a brilliant tie-up of all of them.Plot-wise, The Oathbreaker's Shadow is an astonishing work of art, and it's so fast-paced that Raim never seemed able to get a break. Full of shocking twists, unexpected allies, and surprising enemies, this is a story of loyalty against ambition, and I can't recommend it enough.MY FAVORITE PART is Raim and Draikh's friendship, particularly their bickering :))