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The Neptune Project - Polly Holyoke (This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making.)The Neptune Project caught me by surprise. I'd known that it was about a group of kids who were genetically-engineered to survive living underwater, but I had no idea that it was post-apocalyptic/dystopian. That actually made the story so much more interesting, knowing just how desperate the parents of these kids were: enough to risk subjecting them to gene-splicing before they were even born. And the reason for the demise of their world? Something that's already happening to ours.It was hard to connect with Nere, especially at first, because she sounded so mechanical. But nonetheless, I admired her. She got scared just like the other Neptune Project (I'll shorten that to 'NP' from here onwards) kids, yes, but she always put their safety before her own, even when they were mean to her.There was action very early on in the book, but the introduction to Nere's life and world confused me. It got even more mind-boggling when the other NP kids who were to become Nere's traveling companions towards the safe haven that her father had built for them were acquainted to the story; I couldn't remember who was who most of the time. And don't even start with the pod of adorable dolphins that, unfortunately, also had names.The Neptune Project taught me quite a lot about the ocean and the creatures in it. I'm actually scared of the big blue basin, but this book just made me fascinated with it. It also reminded me of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne because reading The Neptune Project also felt like going on an undersea tour. But unlike the classic, this book never got boring.Incredibly fast-paced and action-packed, The Neptune Project was a great adventure read. The high stakes were made known as soon as the NP kids set off on their journey, and reminders of the danger posed by both humans and sea creatures were constantly given. Although the ending was satisfying enough, it still left a lot of questions that I demand to be answered in a sequel!MY FAVORITE PART was this:Dai, I know you mean well, but why would I want to eat something that looks like a giant orange caterpillar, eats sludge all day, and can vomit up its own intestines?Sure cracked me up :))